Helping you realise happiness with your home

Remote Services

During the COVID-19 lockdown it is important to maintain social distancing so I am now offering remote decluttering sessions and interior design schemes, so that you can still achieve the aspirations you have for your home during this time.  


I offer a confidential, personalised and practical approach to decluttering.  I will optimise your space by helping you to identify which items to hold onto and which items no longer fit with your lifestyle. I will assist you with organisational techniques and storage solutions so that everything has its rightful place.  

How it works

We will first have a consultation to establish your decluttering and organisational requirements.  Upon proceeding, we will have a series of video conference calls at specified intervals throughout the day. I will offer advice and guidance on how to assess which items truly add value to your life now, and which items no longer serve you. Once categorised, every item you choose to keep will be organised into a designated storage space, and every item you choose to let go will be recycled, given to charity, or disposed of.  After we have completed the decluttering process, I will offer advice on storage solutions as well as a  plan of how you can maintain a clutter free home.  


- Telephone or video consultation:   Free   

- Remote decluttering service charged at £120 per session 

I can undertake anything from a single room to a whole home. No matter the size or project, I can help…​

  • Kitchens

  • Bedrooms

  • Sitting rooms

  • Wardrobes

  • Cupboards

  • Garages

  • Attics

  • Basements

  • Home office

  • Work office

Interior Design

If you feel like your home is not meeting its potential, or if you’re stuck for inspiration then I can help you inject style back into your home.  I take a personalised approach, harnessing your preferences on interiors to create a design concept that represents your style and that works for you. Whether you’re seeking to simply update your furnishings, or want a complete room or home renovation, I can help.

How it works

A video consultation will establish your aspirations for the space.  Upon proceeding, I will create digital concept boards in response to your brief, which we will review together over video conference. Once the concept has been agreed upon, I will provide a digital sketch of the room, complete with product boards and a shopping list of items used in the design. At this point you can either:​

  • Proceed yourself to carry out the design

  • I can purchase the shopping list on your behalf and have it delivered directly to you

  • Note that due to social distancing, unless a property is currently vacant, I am unable to book contractors at this time


  • Telephone or video consultation: Free

  • Remote interior design service charged from £500 per room