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Interior Design & Decluttering

helping you feel happy with your home

what I do

I am an Interior Designer and Declutter Expert with a passion for helping clients feel good about their homes. My design ethos is to create homes that are characterful, stylish and practical so they reflect your personality whilst really working for you and your lifestyle. Whether it's in person or digitally, I will help to bring your ideas to life and to organise and maximise your space.

According to the Happiness Research Institute "if you’re happy with your home, then you’re far more likely to be happy in life."  I truly believe that your home can be the foundation of your happiness. A tidy and stylish home gives you space to breathe, space to think, and can transform your life.

Modern country dining area
Modern country living room

"I am delighted with Vanessa's design for my house. She took on board all the things that were important to me and put together a scheme and colours that I could never have come up with. myself. I could not be more pleased!"

June, Southampton

Small kitchen design

"Vanessa is an absolute delight to work with. She is diligent, creative and highly organised."

Allanna, London

how I work

Building close working relationships with clients is integral to how I work. My approach is informal and relaxed, and I always make sure clients are at ease every step of the way. 

Nursery Product Board

"My children's bedroom turned out just as I dreamed it would. I love it so much!"

Vivian, London

Nursery cot with mustard canopy

get in touch

I'd love to help you achieve happiness with your home. Please get in touch to learn more about my interior design and decluttering services or to book a consultation.

Sophisticated living room media wall
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