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interior design

My interior design service will bring your ideas to life, creating a space that is unique to you and that makes you happy to spend time in. The service takes place digitally, and will provide you with all the elements needed for you to execute a beautiful room design, using either your DIY skills or your own selected contractors.


what's included


- Zoom consultation

- Mood board

- Colour palette

- Digital 3D sketch

- Linked retail shopping list

- Sample suggestions

- How-to guide with designer notes

- Access to trade discount

how it works


During our initial meeting I will get to know you and will gain an understanding of your lifestyle and what you wish to achieve with your space. From this we will agree a clear brief and budget for your project.

IMG_7711 2.jpg
Mood Board - PLC.JPG


Based on the brief, I will create:


- a mood board

- a suggested colour palette

- a product board

- a digital sketch

I will present these back to you, for your feedback. 

The mood board and colour palette will form the basis of the scheme.

The product board is inspired by the mood board and colour palette, and will give you an idea of how the scheme will come together.

Product Board - Living Room.jpg

The digital sketch will show you the planned layout. This is all to scale, so you can know for certain that you're maximising your space and that items will fit. 



I will provide you with a linked shopping list, according to the agreed budget, so you can go ahead and place orders for everything in the scheme.


And what's even better is that you can have access to trade discount from many retailers by working with me! 

Sketchup 1.JPG
Shopping List Example.JPG


I will provide you with a how-to guide and styling tips to execute the scheme as per the plan. And voila - you will have your gorgeous new space!

IMG_3319 1.jpg

contact me to book your free consultation 

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