I offer a variety of decluttering services to help you relinquish the excess in your life and organise your things so that everything has its rightful place.  Whether it's to make room in your current home, or to unpack after moving house, or to stage your property to sell, I can help.  My service is confidential, personalised and judgement-free

Spices in Jars

" I cannot recommend Vanessa enough; she has turned what was a "dumping room" into the lovely guest bedroom it was meant to be! A weight has been lifted, so thank you, Vanessa! "

Celia, Decluttering Client, London

the options

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general decluttering

I will help you to unburden yourself of clutter and reclaim your space, making a functional home that works for you and your lifestyle. Areas I declutter include wardrobes, kitchens, playrooms, bedrooms, utility rooms, garages, lofts, sheds and offices.

This options includes: 

- Pre-visit consultation

- Declutter and reorganisation of your chosen area(s)

Moving House

moving home

I can help to take the stress out of moving and ensure that all of your possessions are put away in an organised and stylish way.

This option includes: ​

- Planning storage solutions, pre-move

- Unpacking every item, post-move

Living Room

home staging

Having a clear and uncluttered home is essential when showcasing your property to prospective buyers. I will help you to declutter, clear space and rearrange furniture (as appropriate) to show off your property to its fullest potential.​​

This option includes:


- Surface declutter

- Staging and styling of existing items

- Rearranging furniture if appropriate

All decluttering services are charged at £40/hour (minimum two hours) and £220 day rate

Please note that these services do not include disposal of refuse or charity items​

decluttering testimonials

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Corridor After.JPG

" Both my wife and I were seriously overwhelmed by the disorganisation in our house and we just couldn't manage to get on top of it. Vanessa efficiently worked through each area helping us to relinquish things we'd been holding onto needlessly for years, and reorganised the space to make it work so much better for us. Worth her weight in gold! Thank you, Vanessa! "

Tom, Decluttering Client, Hoylake

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Utlity After 1.JPG
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" Vanessa took the time to get behind and value the underlying reasons that certain areas had become overwhelming. Vanessa clearly and calmly unravelled the problems to easily find quick, simple and cheap solutions.  I have to say was SO much easier than tackling with my partner! She is a very level headed and interesting/interested person to deal with, and  she really helped me to achieve a lighter, clearer space with which to move forward. I would definitely recommend her services, which are very much tailored to individual needs without fuss, bossiness or any judging! Ideal! "

Anna, Decluttering Client, Brighton

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Bedroom After.JPG

" I was dreading facing a third move in three years but Vanessa took all the stress out of it. She helped me to unpack everything straight away, and put it away in a logical and thoughtful way. And it was all done in a day, unlike previous moves where boxes remained unpacked for weeks! I thoroughly recommend Vanessa! "

Kirsty, Home Moving Client, London

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Kitchen After 1.JPG

Ajfer, Decluttering Client, London

" I keep looking at all my kitchen cupboards and drawers now they're so beautifully organised, thanks to Vanessa! I love them! "

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