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I offer a variety of decluttering services to help you relinquish the excess in your life and organise your things so that everything has its rightful place.  Whether it's to make room in your current home, or to unpack after moving house, or to stage your property to sell, I can help.  My service is confidential, personalised and judgement-free.

Childrens's clothes organisation
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"Thoughtful, non judgemental and efficient. Vanessa made a big difference in a small amount of time."

Liz, London

why choose me

I help clients to declutter and organise their homes in a way that is real and that works for them. Sure, I can create an Instagram-worthy scene in your house, but the reality is that life isn't lived through pictures, and having matching containers doesn't necessarily mean a better organised space. I will work with you to create an organisational system that works, that is affordable, and that actually means you can keep on top of the clutter, long after I've left.  


I understand that it takes courage to ask a stranger to come into your home and go through your personal possessions, and that it can be difficult to let go of items that you feel an attachment to. This is why it’s so important to me to put clients at ease and to support them throughout the entire process.

Here is how some of my clients have described me...

"Non-judgemental, thoughtful and efficient"

"A very level headed and interesting / interested person to deal with"

"An absolute delight to work with"

"Diligent, creative and highly organised"

"Vanessa has a calmness about her which is invaluable in what can usually be a very stressful time."

"An objective eye and a calming presence"

"Vanessa will bring professionalism, talent, support and full delivery at a very manageable price"

"Professional but also a very nice, calm and kind person"

"I was delighted to see how closely Vanessa listened"

The options

decluttering services

Clothes organisation

general decluttering

I will help you to unburden yourself of clutter and reclaim your space, making a functional home that works for you and your lifestyle. Areas I declutter include wardrobes, kitchens, playrooms, bedrooms, utility rooms, garages, lofts, sheds and offices.

This options includes: 

- Pre-visit consultation

- Declutter and reorganisation of your chosen area(s)

Moving house

moving home

I can help to take the stress out of moving and ensure that all of your possessions are put away in an organised and stylish way.

This option includes: ​

- Planning storage solutions, pre-move

- Unpacking every item, post-move

Living Room

home staging

Having a clear and uncluttered home is essential when showcasing your property to prospective buyers. I will help you to declutter, clear space and rearrange furniture (as appropriate) to show off your property to its fullest potential.​​

This option includes:


- Surface declutter

- Staging and styling of existing items

- Rearranging furniture if appropriate

Please note that these services do not include disposal of refuse or charity items​

As featured in Real Homes Magazine

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