Helping you realise happiness with your home

About Vanessa

Hello, I’m Vanessa!  I am a professional declutterer and interior designer based in London, and I have had a lifelong passion for creating the best of the space around me. Be it in tidying, organising or interior design, I have made it a priority to make my home a place in which I feel relaxed and inspired. 

As one of four children, I grew up in a very busy household which was quick to accumulate mess and clutter.  I have always been a naturally neat person, and I would whizz around the house clearing up a seemingly endless array of shoes, coats, cups, and books, and would find myself organising cupboards so that their contents looked perfectly placed upon opening the door.  My characteristic tidiness as a child is something that never left me, and over the years I have helped many people to declutter their homes and realise the space they actually have, and I have seen first hand the positively transformative effect this has on their wellbeing.

As well as being very neat and tidy, I am a visually creative person with an obsession for interior design.  I spend a lot of my spare time on various interiors projects for myself and others and it is incredible to see how people come to cherish spending time in their home once we have transformed it into a stylish space that they love.

Despite having a very successful corporate career in London, I was keen to channel my skills and creativity on a full time basis so I took the decision to leave the corporate world and focus my time on doing what I really love – decluttering and interior design.  Using my knowledge and experience, I can help you to create a tidy, organised and stylish home that calms your mind and brings you joy to spend time in.